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We keep plants for all natural light settings - low, moderate, or bright. Most of our plants like indirect light as direct sunshine will burn their foliage. Ask us for the recommendations on the right plant to suit your space!

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Pencil Cactus Fire Stick  Dracaena Ulysses

Why Choose Scrim’s As Your #1 Bright Indirect Light Plant Shop

At Scrim's we are passionate about the wellbeing of every plant that enters our store. You can always rest assured that the plants you take home are of the highest quality.

Aloe Vera  Pleomele Reflexa Song of India

How to Care for Bright Indirect Light Plants

It is not always easy to tell which plants prefer more light, and which prefer less. However, of the bright indirect light plants, there are a few popular families, such as: ficus, aglaonema, begonia, and others that fall into succulent and cactus varieties. Other plants that require plenty of light (and usually more frequent watering) are flowering plants.

No matter what kind of plant you select, however, we take pride in preparing our customers with as much knowledge as possible before taking home a new plant.

We are also always happy to advise you when you are worried about your plant friends!

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Begonia Crackling Rosie