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Everybody loves a bloom that will last! Apart from cut flowers, we offer a selection of flowering plants for you to enjoy for months at a time.

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Phalaenopsis Orchid

Why Choose Scrim’s As Your #1 Tropical Flowering Plant Shop

At Scrim's we are passionate about the wellbeing of every plant that enters our store. You can always rest assured that the plants you take home are of the highest quality.

How to Care for Tropical Flowering Plants

Because producing blooms takes so much energy, these plants generally require bright natural light and frequent watering. Always remember to cut off dying/dead flowers and leaves, as these continue to drain resources away from the rest of the plant.

When your plant has dropped all of its flowers, it usually goes into a dormant period, where it needs less water and light until it begins blooming again. This is especially important for flowering favourites like phalaenopsis orchids.

Whichever plant you choose, we take pride in preparing our customers with as much knowledge as possible before taking home a new plant.

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