About Us

Welcome to Scrim's Florist and Plants in Ottawa!

Our story begins as far back as 1874, when Charles Scrim, who had recently arrived from Scotland with his family, decided to open a flower shop on Sparks Street in downtown Ottawa.

For years Charles and his wife, Margaret, ran Scrim's until their daughter, Flora took over at the turn of the century. Flora was an acclaimed florist, who lived by the philosophy that floral arrangements should be inspired by the arc of a butterfly's movement through flowers in nature.

The current steward of Scrim's Florist is Susan Murray, whose uncle trained under Ms Scrim. Susan is a plant wizard, and is the pioneer of our incredible plant collection.

Over the decades, we've created beautiful arrangements for some of the most prominent events in Ottawa. We have become known as the florist of choice for some of the city's most influential people - including William Lyon Mackenzie King.

At Scrim's florist, we take pride in providing the best quality in plants and hand-selected fresh flowers. Our staff are all trained in caring for plants and flowers. We are always available to provide additional information, and offer plant care services such as re-potting, or treating sick plants.

We are passionate florists and plant lovers, and we look forward to making our local Ottawa residents happy for years to come.