Scrim's Repotting Services

Care for your Plants with Scrim's Florist

At Scrim's, we love the chance to take care of your plants! We offer:

  • Repotting Services: Bring in your potted plants and we will assess and transfer them into a more suitable growing space.
  • Plant Rehabilitation: Bring in your sick plants, or show us a photograph, and we will happily advise on the best solution for nurturing them back to health.

How to Repot Plants: Easy Steps for Repotting Indoor Plants

Plant Repotting Prices:

Plant repotting costs vary according to the size of the plant, the amount of labour/time required, and how much material needed.

Here are some general price points so you can plan your repotting budget:

Repot into a 4" grow pot +/- $5
Repot into a 5" grow pot +/- $7
Repot into a 6" grow pot +/- $10
Repot into a 7" grow pot +/- $15
Repot into a 8" grow pot +/- $20
Repot into a 10" grow pot +/- $30
Repot into a 12" grow pot +/- $40


To schedule a repotting appointment with us, call us at 613 232 1733, or send us a message here.

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Why Choose Scrim’s As Your #1 Plant Repotting Service in Ottawa

At Scrim's Florist, we take pride in offering the best plant repotting service in Ottawa. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Scrim's to repot your plants:

1. Expertise and Knowledge

Our team of plant experts have extensive knowledge about different plant species and their specific repotting requirements.

2. Customized Repotting Solutions

Plants don't always need a repot for the same reason: whether your plant requires a larger pot, better drainage, or a specific type of soil, our team will assess the need and tailor the repotting process to ensure optimal growth and health.

3. Quality Materials

At Scrim's, we only use high-quality materials for repotting your plants. The potting soil we use is approved by Scrim's, offering variations tailored to specific plant groups.

4. Convenient Service

Simply bring your plants to our store, and our team will take care of the rest. We also offer delivery services, ensuring that your repotted plants are safely delivered to your doorstep.

5. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist you and provide expert advice on plant care.

Get Expert Help Evaluating your Plant's Health

At Scrim's, we are familiar with all kinds of plant viruses, infestations, and other ailments. Our trained horticulturalists on staff will be able to identify and supply treatment options for your plants.

Here are some things to look out for if you are worried about a plant:

1. Overwatering:

What to do if your plant's soil smells | Planta

One of the most common tendencies we have is to smother our plants with love - and often this takes the form of overwatering them. Remember to look up the plant variety and how moist it likes its soil - all plants are different and your watering schedule for one plant may not suit the others.

2. Underwatering:

The Essential Guide To Watering Your Houseplants | WallyGro – WallyGrow

Sometimes our fear of overwatering a plant can lead to underwatering. While overwatering is a worry, no plant likes to be in soil that is bone dry either.

3.Circling/Girdling Roots:

Girdling Roots: The Silent Tree Killer | LEAF | Local Enhancement &  Appreciation of Forests

Often your plant will look sick because it has outgrown its grow pot. When this happens, your plant will need to be transferred to a pot with more space.

5. Parasites:

Common Houseplant Pests: Identify, Control And Prevent - Smart Garden Guide

There are many tiny insects that can be harmful to plants, but which can be dealt with at home. Check your plant thoroughly for signs of infestation - especially on the undersides of leaves, on stems and in places where your plant grows tightly.

    For more information on your plant's health, contact us here.