About the Syngonium Nephthytis - Rose Nephthytis Rose is an  eye catching arrowhead with rose-hued leaves with green accents. As this plant matures, leaves become deeply lobed to the point of forming separated leaflets. It is vigorous and easy to care for and will do best with a support to climb with its aerial roots. Light: Moderate indirect light Water: Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering.  After watering, make sure the plant drains fully. Do not allow the plant to sit in water for more than an hour as this will cause root rot. Your Syngonium will like consistently moist but NOT soggy soil. Difficulty: Moderate Air Purifying: Yes, known to remove formaldehyde from the air. Toxicity: Moderately toxic to animals and people. Growth Rate: Slow Common Names: Silver Goosefoot Plant, Araceaen Feng Shui plant  Origin: tropical South and Central America *Please note: Plants may not look exactly as shown.

Rose Nephthytis Syngonium 4"

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