About the Tropic Snow Dieffenbachia Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow has ovate creamy-green leaves with darker green margins and white striped variegation down the center. The Dieffenbachia's common name, Dumb Cane, comes from the fact that the liquid that drips from its leaves can cause a temporary loss of speech if ingested. Light: Bright to moderate indirect light Water: Water when the top-inch of soil is dry and then remove any excess standing water after about 5-10 minutes to help prevent rotting the roots over time. Difficulty: Moderate Feed: Apply half strength of general-purpose fertilizer once a month at most during the growing season.  Air Purifying: Yes, known to remove formaldehyde from the air. Toxicity: Toxic to animals. Growth Rate: Fast growing Common Names: Dumb Cane Origin: Caribbean, tropical South America *Please note: Plants may not look exactly as shown.

Tropic Snow Dieffenbachia 6"

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