About the Staghorn Fern Staghorn Ferns are epiphytes (plants that grow off of other living things), which are popularly mounted on pieces of driftwood or displayed in kokedama balls. Interestingly, Staghorn Ferns have two leaf types, one is an Antler-like foliage (hence its namesake "stag") while the other is a shield frond at the base of the plant. The latter eventually turns brown (similar colour to parchment paper) and is beneficial for the fern's health and well being. As it protect's the roots and absorbs vital  nutrients, it is important to never remove it even though it appear dead. Light: Moderate to low indirect light. Water: It is best to keep the soil slightly moist at all times, but never soaking wet and to never allow the soil to completely dry out either. Remember to remove any excess standing water after about 5-10 minutes to help prevent rotting the roots over time.  These plants enjoy a humid environment. If the environment has insufficient humidity, it's fronds will require regular misting. They prefer bright indirect light with no direct sunlight. Difficulty: Easy Air Purifying: Yes, known to remove formaldehyde from the air. Toxicity: Non-toxic, pet-friendly. Growth Rate: Slow growing. Origin: Southeast Asia *Please note: Plants may not look exactly as shown. If you have any specific questions about this plant, we would be happy to answer them for you! Just give us a call at 613.232.1733. 

Staghorn Fern 4"

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