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Spathiphyllum or more commonly known as peace lily. These plants have white blooms, which contrast beautifully against its dark green foliage.  While they would prefer an environment with bright, indirect sunlight, they will also tolerate an environment with low light too.  It is important to keep the soil consistently/evenly moist and never let the soil dry out completely. Once the peace lily feels like it could use a drink, its leaves will start to slowly droop downward giving you a visual cue that it needs water. Once you give it a thorough drink, it’s leaves will perk right back up again. Remember to remove any standing water that remains after about 10-15 minutes to prevent rotting the roots over time. Details Picture as shown is a Peace Lily in a 6” matte moss green ceramic pot. The grow/nursery pot (no pot) option is great for someone who already has a pot at home. If you would like to discuss pot options, give us a call at 613.232.1733 or email us  Please Note: Plants may not look exactly as shown.  

6" Spathiphyllum Sweet Pablo

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Grow pot
Marlow Shiny Pot 6" Raspberry
Marlow Shiny Pot 6" Raspberry $18
6" Rosa Marlow Pot
6" Rosa Marlow Pot $18
Marlow Shiny Pot 6" Soft Pink
Marlow Shiny Pot 6" Soft Pink $18
Basel Stone Pot 6" Dark Grey
Basel Stone Pot 6" Dark Grey $18
Basel Matte Pot 6" Moss Green
Basel Matte Pot 6" Moss Green $18
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