About the Soil at Scrim's As a plant store, we take care to source our soil products only from places we trust.   We have 4 kinds of soil for different kinds of plants: Tropical soil (6 litres) Cactus soil (also good for succulents and snake plants) (6 litres) Orchid bark (6 litres) All-purpose potting soil (15 litres) Please note: Colours and designs are representative, with variations in device displays/settings and lighting they may vary slightly in person. If you have any questions, please call 613.232.1733 and we would be happy to assist you!


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Tropical Soil (6L)
Tropical Soil (6L) $13
Cactus Soil (6L)
Cactus Soil (6L) $13
Orchid Bark (6L)
Orchid Bark (6L) $20
All-Purpose Potting Soil (15L)
All-Purpose Potting Soil (15L) $15
This product is available for both pickup and delivery.