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Lipstick 'Mona Lisa' Lobbianus
A striking plant with dark leaves and scarlet, tube-shaped flowers, lipstick plant is named for the distinctive shape of its flowers and flower buds. It’s a graceful, cascading plant that can drape over the edges of shelves or hold its own in a hanging basket. The lipstick plant will flower continuously in the proper environment, making it a very rewarding addition to any collection. Lipstick plants are very adaptable to all lighting conditions, from direct sunlight to low and artificial light. Your lipstick plant will perform best in bright, indirect light or when allowed to receive direct morning sun. You may notice slowed growth and a lack of flowers in lower lighting conditions. The plant thrives when it receives consistent moisture and is planted in a well-aerated, coarse potting mix. Water your lipstick plant when the top 25% of soil is dry. Water thoroughly, and be sure to empty the saucer of any excess water to prevent root rot. Please note: Plants may not look exactly as shown.

Lipstick 'Mona Lisa' Lobbianus

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