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8" Ardisia Humilis
An uncommon -- but exceptional -- houseplant, ardisia features rich green foliage that adds life and cheer to any indoor space. It's a slow-growing shrub that, when young, makes an attractive addition to the top of a brightly lit table, desk, or bureau. Older specimens are great floor plants, where their upright shapes add interest and appeal to indoor spaces.Shoebutton Plant grows best in a well-drained soil with regular watering. Adapted to a wide range of indoor conditions. Slow growing. If ardisia gets enough light, it may form tiny pink or white flowers indoors. These blooms sometimes give way to colorful fruits. Grow ardisia in medium to bright light. It also appreciates high humidity and thrives if you add moisture to dry air Water ardisia enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet or saturated.Details6" Ardisia Humilis in grow pot.

8" Ardisia Humilis

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