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Phalaenopsis orchid is one of the easiest varieties of orchids to grow as a houseplant, and is often called the beginner orchid due to its easy going nature. An elegant beauty the orchid provides colour and beauty for weeks. These plants have been extensively hybridized and there are thousands of hybrids, ranging in colour from classic white to brilliant purples and greens. Light: Bright indirect light Water: Once a week, place 3 ice cubes on the top of your orchid pot, let them melt slowly and your orchid will be watered! Pro-tip: To get your phalaenopsis orchid to bloom regularly, allow it to have dormant periods. When it has finished blooming, cut the stems and place your orchid in a darker, cooler place for a while so that it can re-establish its energy sources. Bring back into the light for the next season! Difficulty: Moderate Feed: Orchid food can be applied weekly during dormant periods. Air Purifying: Yes, known to remove formaldehyde from the air. Toxicity: Non-toxic, pet-friendly. Growth Rate: Moderate Common Names: Moth Orchid, Moon Orchid Origin: Tropical Asia   Details Double stemmed phalaenopsis orchids in a ceramic pot. Please indicate your preferred colour alternatives upon checkout.    *Please note: We will do our best to fulfill your request subject to availability. For specific requests, please call the store. Plants may not look exactly as shown. Pot will vary.

Phalaenopsis Orchid - Double Stem Assorted Colours 5"

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